How to Order

Placing an order for installation of a metal roof is dependent on several specific pieces of information that you will need to compile prior to beginning the ordering process.


Weather Tite can custom-cut panels in any 1-inch increment from 4 to 40 feet in length. Longer lengths are available as well; additional freight charges may apply. Once the order is cut, however, it cannot be altered or returned. Therefore, it is extremely important to measure and re-measure prior to placing your order.

The most accurate way of obtaining true measurements is to simply get up on the roof to measure. While it is possible to ascertain measurements based on geometry, we do not recommend this as your panels need to be sized as accurately as possible.

In addition to the roof’s pitch, you will need the following basic measurements to place an order:

  • Length of Roof Panels: Measure from peak to eave, add amount desired for sufficient drip edge.
  • Number of Panels: Measure the length of the building including overhang and divide by 3 (if you’re using a 36-inch wide coverage panel) to determine the number of panels. Divide by 2 if you’re using a 24-inch coverage panel. Allow for any breaks in the roof line including hips and valleys.
  • Hips and Valleys: When measuring for hips and valley angles, remember to allow for the longest dimension of the run.
  • End Lap: End laps will be required for runs of more than one single panel. Recommended end lap is 12 inches if the pitch is less than 3/12; 9 inches if your pitch is 4/12; 6 inches if the pitch is greater than 4/12.
  • Allowances: Allowances should be considered for elements including ridges, eaves, and gutters. Panels should fall 2-3 inches just short of your ridge if using a vented ridge and should extend 2-3 inches beyond your eave to allow for a sufficient drip edge. Allow a 1-inch extension when using gutters.

Colors and Material List

After obtaining all of the basic measurements, select a color for your panels from the Weather Tite color chart.

Next, you’ll need to compile an accurate material list. Weathertite trucks operate on a regularly-scheduled delivery route. To avoid delays in receiving your materials, your list should be complete and accurate.

Calculating Fasteners

Your fastener order should be taken as seriously as your materials list for roofing and siding panels and trim. The formula for calculating fasteners is:

  1. Total lineal footage of roof and siding panels
  2. Divide by 31.58
  3. Multiply by 75

That resulting number is the number of fasteners you require. Fasteners are available in 250 count bags, so round up to the nearest number of bags.

Stitch screws are generally placed every 12 inches. The number of total linear feet of roofing and siding is the number of stitch screws you require.


Most trim items are available in lengths of either 10'6" or 12'6" to allow for overlap. Trim is also available in 14' and 16' lengths; a standard surcharge will apply.

While we have made every effort to provide all of the trim items necessary for your structure at standard lengths, there are times you may need a custom trim for a specific application. To order a custom trim, provide the dimension of each segment, the degree of bends (breaks), and any hems if required. Indicate the finished side and a color. Special pricing may apply. Contact Weather Tite for more specific information.