As added protection in valley conditions, AST Sealant Tape should be placed under the panel in the valley to deter water from flowing up that panel and under the valley flashing.

Inside and/or outside closures are recommended under many trim items to produce a more weather-tight structure and deter insects, birds, and other pests from entering your structure. These closure strips are produced to match the configuration of your specific panel.

Outside closure rests on top of the panel but under the trim item to seal the opening created by the rib configuration. It is commonly used under the ridge cap, endwall and sidewall flashings, as well as on top of the transition flashing.

Inside closure is intended to fit under the panel and seal the opening created by the ribs. It is commonly used at the eave of the building under the metal panel.


Maximum weather tightness can be achieved through using proper sealants when installing your metal roofing panels.

All sidelaps and endlaps should be sealed on all roofs, regardless of pitch, with caulk, mastic, or butyl tape.


You can increase ventilation to your structure by using a ventilated ridge vent under the ridge cap. Weather Tite offers VersaVent as its solution to ridge ventilation.

Item Type Size Color
Tite Rib Closure Outside 1" x 3'
Tite Rib Closure Inside 1" x 3'
PBR Closure Outside 1" x 3'
PBR Closure Inside 1" x 3'
5V Closure Outside 1" x 2'
5V Closure Inside 1" x 2'
Tube Caulking 1/10 gallon Clear
AST Sealant Tape 1" x 1 1/4"
Buytl Tape 1/2" 50'
VersaVent 1"